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A couple of days ago some of my friends came to me for a whiskey recommendation after reading my articles on "how to build a mini bar" and "what is bourbon." As a whiskey enthusiast, paying $50 or more on a bottle of fine whiskey isn't anything to bat an eye at. However, I realize that is not the case for everyone.

Most people I've talked to are hesitant when a bottle of whiskey costs more than $40 - $50. I think that's absolutely normal!

My encouragement is to aim to buy the best quality within your price point. It's understandable that most people wouldn't want to spend a couple of hundred dollars just to try out new whiskeys. And for the record, I'm not saying you should do that.

With that being said, I've hand picked 5 bottles of whiskey that are under $40. All of them have a different flavor profile, so hopefully you will find one that you like.

Russell's Reserve 10 Years

Russell's Reserve 10 Years

Price: $35.99
Proof: 90 proof, 45% abv.

Tasting Note:

Aroma: Smooth with corn flavor.
Taste: Vanilla and brown sugar sweetness. Oaky with leather taste, slightly spicy yet well-balanced.
Finish: Easy and warm with a light, sugary note.

If you're wanting something elegant and affordable to sip on neat, I'd definitely recommend this.

1792 small batch bourbon

1792 Small Batch

Price: $26.99
93.7 proof, 46.85% abv.

Tasting Note:

Aroma: Gentle and soft with a sugary, vanilla smell
Taste: Smooth body with a little spice from the rye. You can taste the vanilla and caramel sweetness.
Finish: Mild finishing carry the body's vanilla and caramel taste.

The 75% corn recipe with a 3.5-level char puts it on the sweeter side. Personally, this one is a little bit too sweet and simple in its taste. But I'd bet it would make a great Old Fashioned.

four roses small batch

Four Roses Small Batch

Price: $25.99
Proof: 90 proof, 45% abv.

Tasting Note:

Aroma: Light with a hint of caramel
Taste: Creamy with a mild oak and cherry taste. Easy going but with a little bit of rye spice.
Finish: Long and complex, a blend of oak and caramel followed by a spicy rye.

I would recommend this for anyone that prefers their whiskey with a complex flavor and more depth in taste.

wild turkey 101

Wild Turkey 101

Price: $21.99
101 proof, 50.5% abv.

Tasting Note:

Aroma: Caramel and butterscotch.
Taste: Full and bold. The spiciness and oaky flavor upfront with a vanilla and caramel sweetness from the corn balance it out.
Finish: Spicy and okay, 7 out of 10 for the duration.

If you are into a higher proof option, this is a great choice. Like other Wild Turkey bottles, the spiciness dominates the overall flavor, yet it still manages a subtle and pleasant sweetness. I really enjoy the mid-long finish.

cabin still

Cabin Still

Price: $9.49
84 proof, 42% abv.

Tasting Note:

Aroma: Sweet! Very sweet!
Taste: Light and sweet. Corn flavor.
Finish: Short with the cereal taste.

This is a great option for its price point. I was surprised by how sweet and smooth it is. I wasn't too impressed with the finish as I found it pretty brief. But for the price, this has great value.