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It is very hard to pick just one coffee shop in Orlando as the favorite coffee shop to drink and work. So here is an example of what an ideal workday for us will be like.

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Good day, good night.

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Lately, I have been waking up early than I used to and I usually read some book and get ready for the day. My first stop usually is Easy Luck. Easy Luck is located inside Whillpoorwill. The baristas here are very nice and their coffee is really good. I also like the interior design here. It is cozy and comforting. One of the perks of working here is that if you want some wine or beer, there are bottles available that make it a perfect destination. Sometimes on the weekends, I will open a bottle of wine to start working on some photo editing work.

Scenery fatigue is a real thing. That is why usually around noon the working location shifts. Another great place to work at is Lineage's Mills 50 location. Lineage is a local coffee roaster that has won the best coffee roaster in the nation a few years ago. This is the place that attracts many craft coffee lovers and has built up a great community around coffee. The minimalistic design here is great for both studying and problem-solving.

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Happy Friday. It’s about to be a good day

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Cozy seats available today noon-2am

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Lastly, though that Lineage and Whillpoorwill provide beer and wine options, if you are like me preferred some good whiskeys or cocktails; then the Guesthouse will be your perfect choice. This is, in fact, my favorite spot to work on the weekends. Especially now that weather is nice, working outside while sipping a drink is not a punishment anymore.