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A couple of months ago a friend of mine asks me to review Beckket Simonon. As their price point set at $199 for a pair of shoes. I decided to give them a shot.

After I received my order, a pair of penny loafer in tan and one pair of whole-cut Oxford in walnut; I realized their quality just not quite there. The leather has various flaws that easily spot. Most of them are seem to occur during construction. Also, I probably should have done my research earlier, but only when they got delivered I realized the shoes are actually Blake stitched instead of Goodyear welted.

Penny Loafer worn after shoeshine

Goodyear welted shoes are always recommended, as the outsole of the shoe is actually attached to the welt and sewed. Generally speaking, Blake stitch should allow the outsole to be easily cut closer to the upper leather compare to Goodyear welted. However, both pairs of shoes I received are not really showing any of that advantage. The stitch density on the shoes is also very low, it is about 6 stitch per inch.

Beckett Simonon does do a good job on the little details of their packaging though. For instance, the extra pair of shoelace and shoe bags that come with the shoes are very thoughtful. However, the lack of communication throughout the wait does not help with the customer's confidence.

Creases of the leather and the stitch density as shown on photo.

I will say for $199 this is not a bad deal. However, given that you need to wait for a month and the quality has no difference than other ready to wear offerings from other brands; I will say it is more a marketing pitch than actually focusing on the craft. The value of the product is there if you don’t count the wait time. However, if you are looking for something that has the real craft in it, I will suggest spending a little more extra to buy a pair of Allen Edmonds or Carmina. If the budget can't afford them, you can also consider Carmina's sister brand Meermin. However, Meermin does have the tendency of poor quality control.