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Two weeks ago - after 10 weeks of nonstop tasting - we have finally had all 64 cocktails from the Sunroom menu. So here is an updated review; just like we have covered previously, it is an ambitious, yet honest, menu.

Ever since the Sunroom has opened up to the public (they are still currently under soft opening), it has became our go to spot. Many readers, friends or the lovely stranger we meet at the bar have been asking what would we recommend? Or what is our favorite drink?

To be honest it is hard to find one single cocktail from a diversified menu like this and call it your favorite. Therefore, here is a run down of our favorite drink from each category.

Low Abv: Pimm's Cup

Low Abv is short for low alcohol by volume. Pimm's Cup is a classic cocktail that dates back to 1946 by Lucius Beebe. It provides a refreshing fruity flavor and is a good cocktail perhaps to be enjoyed before a meal.

Pimm's Cup
Photo by @jhandphotography

Non-alcoholic: Orange Julius

We like a bar with non-alcoholic options. The more friends you make, the more you realize there is always one person that is either allergic to alcohol or has been given the designated driver duty for the night.  At Sunroom, the Orange Julius is the perfect option. A non-alcoholic cocktail combined with orange juice, oat milk and vanilla agave syrup. It is the perfect drink for the gram and the flavor.

Non-alcoholic cocktail -- Orange Julius

Vodka: Chi Chi

This is essentially a Pina Colada; swap out the rum and replace it with vodka. The Chi Chi at Sunroom is very well presented. It is tropical, but well balanced at the same time. The pineapple garnish is also made in-house and it is absolutely delicious.

Photo by @jhandphotography

Gin: Gibson

If you like dirty martinis and pickled onions, this is your drink. Sunroom's Gibson featuring their own house pickled onion is one of the most delicious things we have ever tasted. The house onion brine spikes up the classic gin martini. It is without a doubt the best gin option on the menu.

However, the French 75, which features Monkey 75 and a darn good champagne makes it one of the best of its kind we have tasted so far.

Rum: Mary Pickford

Mary Pickford is so 'tropical' that you can easily sense the pineapple flavor. If you wait for the drink's temperature to rise up, you can taste more of the maraschino cherry flavor. Overall, this is a perfect cocktail that does everything just right.

Tiki: Missionary's Downfall

Classic Tiki cocktail served with stunning garnishes. Unlike the OG downfall, the Sunroom's version is more refined and modern. This drink is minty without being overpowering; sweet yet refreshing. We will definitely drink this for the entirety of Florida's summer afternoons.

Agave & Mezcal: Soda Jerk

It is fun to watch how this drink is being crafted, and it is even more fun to drink. It is bubbly but smooth, fruity, and also taste like candy while at same time having the tequila balance out all the citrus flavor.

Whiskey: Bourbon-Aperol Sour

The vibrant color compliments its refreshing and bubbly taste. This is your well-rounded cocktail. It is easy and fun to sip, yet the bonded bourbon holds the ground and provides just the right amount of buzz.

Scotch: Bobby Burn

Like good ole capitalism, the Bobby Burn is one of priciest drinks on the menu. Yet the quality justifies it all. It is a well-rounded cocktail that stays true to its based spirit. You can taste that 14yrs Balvenie while also tasting the flavor of vermouth and Meletti. It is a drink that I would love to have every night.

Brandy: Vieux Carré

Not that we would know how the 1920s smells or tastes like, but if we have to guess, Vieux Carré is the answer. It is spirit forward, complex with a hint of woody/leather notes and that strong American bourbon character reminds me of those craft cocktail bars I have been to - the ones that try to bring out the 20s' prohibition styled cocktails.

Nightcap: Grasshopper & Brandy Alexander

Where should we start? Well.. The first night Sunroom opened, the first Grasshopper was finished within 5 minutes. Which led to another Grasshopper because it is just that good. If you love the Andes mint chocolate, you will love this drink. Oh! And it is now served with a chocolate edible straw (perfect for all chocoholic and environmentalist needs)

The Brandy Alexander is another great hit. The house fermented honey gives the drink a slightly savory taste. The sweetness and saltiness is just so well balanced. It tastes like a classic salted caramel candy. However, it might not be a good idea to order this drink outside of Sunroom, they have completely made it their own and we are here for it.

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