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It's holiday season again! Here are some great items currently on the wishlist and can make a perfect gift for the right person.

Hardcover Book

There are lots of good book got published this year. Depends on what you are looking for, here are three of our picks for food, drinks and menswear. For food we recommend the newly released and revised version of "Eleven Madison Park: Next Chapter". It is available now on Amazon or you can go to their online shop to purchase. Eleven Madison Park is currently the top ranking American restaurant by World's 50 Best list. With around $50 it will for sure make a great gift for your friends that love cooking.

For drinks we recommend "Last Call". Kris from Sunroom brought this in the other day and show us some. It is a genius book, lots of great conversation and sexy cocktail photos; along with the recipes from some of the most respectful and famous bars around the country.

Last for menswear, a book by one of the most famous menswear photographer Jamie Ferguson or probably better known as @jkf_man on Instagram. Earlier in October, he has released his book – "THIS GUY" a book with a collection of photographic that he creates through out the years, featuring some of the most influential and well-dressed men in the fashion industry.

Honestly, how can you go wrong with a tie from Drake's? The pattern and color on this one is so in season. It feels Christmas when you looking at it and the pattern and navy blue color makes it versatile enough to create a casual look.

Purchase on The Armoury

Collar Stay Holder – Hanger Project

Trying to keep the price of the gift low and at a more affordable price range for most of the people, we found this collar stay holder that is beautiful made. The collar stay is probably something most of the men that wear shirts will have at home. You usually will buy it from the shop that you purchase your shirts from. And more than often it is come in a tiny bottle that takes a million year to get the right size out. This holder is such a good way to store and admire your beautiful collar stay.

Purchase on Hanger Project

Tote Bag – L.L. Bean

Tote bag has become the new obsession here. It is versatile in our current society. No matter you are wearing a tailoring jacket or simply in t-shirt and jean; a tote bag can matches with your outfit perfectly. For this Florida weather, a wax canvas tote bag from L.L. Bean is a great choice. It is water resistant which can protect your laptop and papers inside the bag from the random afternoon storms.

Purchase on L.L. Bean

FIJI Lightweight Scarf – Begg & Co.

The temperature here in Florida doesn't get much lower, therefore a cashmere scarf will be way overkill here in Orlando. The FIJI scarf from Begg & Co. however will be a perfect choice. First, because its a blend of different material which makes its price more friendly for most of the people. Also the fact that it is lightweight and still able to keep you warm at the same time.

Purchase on Begg & Co.

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