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A pop-up turned restaurant and has been on our watchlist since the beginning of the year. The vibe here is casual and relaxing. Though the service could use more care, the food experience here is indeed warmhearted and touching.

Located in the neighborhood of Shoreditch, the location was originally a tea warehouse for Lipton. They offer à la carte menu as well as a tasting menu. Throughout the year, Lyle’s also hosting a "Lyle's Guest Series" which invites different chefs to come to do some cool pop-up style dinner.

The menu here at Lyle's changes daily and the ingredients are sourcing from the farms in or around the city of London. The tasting menu here is fantastic. They really mastered the arts of working with fresh produce and the flavor pairing. The idea of serving finger food really brings the guests much more fun and makes them feels like home. It might also remind you as a kid walking around the kitchen before the dinner and 'steal' a couple of raw ingredients when the parents are not noticed.

The team also knows how to work with dairy very well. The butter here is amazing and the vanilla and panela ice cream for the dessert was just the cherry on top. The whole tasting menu has no fancy ingredient, but by highlighting the flavor of the key ingredient and pairing it with the right veggies. It creates a simple presentation but elegant; and provides a well structured tasting experience. (The Vesuvio tomato and the ribs were just a match made in heaven)


Visiting Desire: Daily
Mon - Fri: 8AM - 11PM
Sat: 12 - 11PM
Sun: Closed
Location: Tea Bldg, 56 Shoreditch High St, Hackney, London E1 6JJ, United Kingdom

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