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After a great night at Lyaness and Milk & Honey; jump off the bus on the way to London Edition. And 15 minutes later, I got to enjoy one of the best meals I have had in my life.

The world's 50 bests say it is great; many friends I know told me I should try and even the local bartenders in London told me I should go visit. However, it wasn't until I see the sign of the clove club, I immediately made up my mind that I should pay a visit.

Behinds a little blue door that brightens up the building, it is the clove club. It is bold but not elegant. And compared to some of the other restaurants at its level, it is less intimidating. Walk inside, on the left, there is a small room displaying the meat that is being dry aging. To the right, it leads to the restaurant. The front room is very homey and comforting. A little bar cart holding a decent selection of hard liquor by the window, some ceramic dinnerware and flowers on the desk at the corner; little flowers and candles on the bar counter brighten up the mood.

It's 1:15 pm, with a Corpse Reviver No. 2 the day has just got better. The meal starts with some small bites. They are not only delicate-looking but also fully packed with flavors. The thin crust provides the perfect crunchiness and the fillings showcasing the flawless flavor pairing. The presentation is also top-notch. There is no utensil, simply use your fingers to pick it up and put it into your mouth. It is a good balance of delicacy and exciting interaction. It is always fun to experience the most beautiful plated dish required to eaters to use their hands at an upscale restaurant. It is magical.

During the meal, a realization is that London has some great seafood. And the restaurant are very welling to showcasing them rather than in the US where most of it will be pork and beef. The mackerel is probably the dish that stood up the most. It is tender but the meat still maintains its bouncy texture.

To be honest, the food here is so great that probably not up to us to judge it.

Half way through, the bartender offer a non-alcoholic wine that made in house. It is aged grape fruit added with "tannins" a phenolic compounds exist inside wine. It enhance the texture and provides a unique mouthful to the drink. It is indeed interesting. A deep red color, taste like a sweeter red wine but without the alcohol hit.

If you ever get a chance, definitely try to make a reservation at the Clove Club.

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Photography: @oldfashioneddan